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10 Great Holiday Gifts For Dog Lovers

10 Great Holiday Gifts For Dog Lovers

Just about every household in America has a pet. If they don’t, they want a pet. It may not be so uncommon to be buying a Christmas gift for a dog lover. Almost every person will be buying a gift for at least one dog lover, if not more. Dog lovers are people who either own faithful canines or who love every dog they come in contact with. Buying a Christmas gift for dog lovers can be easy and inexpensive.

10 Great Holiday Gifts For Dog Lovers

Do you have a dog lover on your Christmas gift list? If so here are some fun and inexpensive gift ideas for your dog lover for Christmas.

A Dog

Maybe your dog lover has been talking about getting a dog. What would make a better Christmas gift than giving a dog to a dog lover? We have all seen those Hallmark movies when the kid finally gets their puppy.

Make sure if you are giving a pet to anyone, not only a dog lover, that the person receiving the animal will want the animal and will be able to take care of the animal. This is a living creature and not a toy.

–>Sometimes people say they want something but have no intention of ever getting the object of their affection. Dogs make great companions, and if your dog lover wants a dog, a dog would be the perfect Christmas gift.


Dog calendars are plentiful and a good Christmas gift choice for dog lovers. There are dog calendars with different types of canines, or if your dog lover loves one particular breed of dog, there are calendars for specific breeds.

Let’s say your dog lover loves Labrador dogs. There are many types of calendars with dogs and some calendars are dedicated specifically to Labrador dogs. For a Christmas gift, you might get your dog lover a Labrador calendar.

Here are a few that we liked — a Crapping Dog Calendar sounds like a great white elephant party gift!


Playing Cards

Your dog lover might like to play cards. For Christmas, a stack of playing cards with dogs on them is a good gift idea for dog lovers. Dog lovers will be able to show their cards off to their poker-playing friends or at their bridge club. Your dog lover may love to play card games with dogs on the back of the cards. Cards are a fun and inexpensive Christmas gift for a dog lover.

Dog Toys/Chew Toys

Christmas gifts for dog lovers who own dogs could be dog toys. Many hard to buy for dog lovers may enjoy Christmas gifts for their dogs. It shows you are thinking of the person and what they like.

Dog gift basket

Dog lovers who own dogs will adore a dog gift basket for their dog for Christmas. In the dog gift basket, you can put dog toys, dog treats like chew toys and rawhides, and maybe even something small for the dog owner like a framed picture of their dog. (Some dog owners don’t give rawhides so this may be something you have to ask the owner about).

Christmas gifts should show the thought and a dog gift basket shows you are thinking of the owner and the dog. Pets are family to their owners.

Coffee Mugs

A great Christmas gift for a dog lover is a Coffee mug or glass with a picture of their cherished canine on the gift. Coffee mugs with photos on them can be purchased at almost any mall across America. The Christmas gift will be inexpensive for you and priceless to the dog lover.


A dog lover would love coming home and putting on their favorite tee shirt or sweatshirt with a picture of their beloved canine imprinted on the shirt. A Christmas gift that you might get for a dog lover could be a tee shirt or a sweatshirt with their dog on the shirt.

You will want to make sure to get the right-sized shirt if not a little larger. Either sneak a picture of the canine or ask if you can have a picture of your friend with his or her dog. The dog lover might think this odd but will enjoy the gift.

Photo and Frame

For a Christmas gift, the dog lover will cherish is to buy a frame and taking a picture of the dog and framing it. The dog lover may not already have a photo of their beloved pet and this will be the perfect gift. This is where it might be fun to stalk their Facebook thread and hunt out a picture that they obviously like.

Here are a few fun ones we found on Amazon:

Dog Collar

If your dog lover doesn’t already have a dog collar with a tag containing the address and phone number you might want to purchase this as a Christmas gift. A dog collar with the address of the animal’s home for a Christmas gift really shows you care.

There are many different Christmas gifts for dog lovers. The hard part will be deciding on which Christmas gift to purchase for your dog lover.


Just about any dog lover would be thrilled to get some extra supplies for their pet. Supplies take a toll on the monthly budget of dog owners, especially seniors, so getting some help is welcome. Find out what type of dog food the gift recipient uses and buy them a bag.

Think about buying the dog lover a bag or box of treats for their pet. If the dog has a monthly product it takes such as flea medication or supplement, think about getting it as a gift…pet care isn’t cheap!

Personalized Items

Many pet stores and other stores offer personalized items for pet lovers. You can get shirts, kitchen accessories, calendars, and more to commemorate a dog lover’s pet. Look for merchandise that represents the dog your friend has. Think about getting bumper stickers, magnets, and other memorabilia that depict the dog breed of the recipient or an item with the name of their dog.


Dog owners need to have plenty of accessories for their pets. Food and water bowls, collars, nail trimmers, and grooming products are among the possible accessories. Dog toys for chewing, fetching, and running around are also good gifts. Many pet lovers with smaller dogs may even need a few wardrobe options for their canines. Think about getting booties or a sweater in the winter for a dog lover.

Personally? I think booties are a GREAT thing for dogs. In the long Wisconsin winters, many families use Ice Melt on their sidewalks. Many brands have chemicals in them that can burn the pads of your dog’s feet. On the other end of the thermometer, there are many areas where it is very warm and the pavement heats up quickly. If you are uncomfortable walking barefoot on it, think about your pooch.

There are many brands out there but these are the ones we use for our Tazuna:

Classes, Parks, and Events

Dog enthusiasts love their pets and want to spend plenty of time with them, so getting them tickets to a dog-related event is a good idea. Many sports teams have days where pet owners can bring their dogs with them.

Look into dog parks around the area and think about buying an annual membership pass as a gift. If you are giving the gift to someone interested in pursuing training their dog, look into enrolling them in a training class with their pet.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of ideas out there that would be perfect for your dog-loving human as a gift. The bottom line is you need to find out what could use. Those of us that love our dogs? We will be touched by your efforts.

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