History of the Australian Shepherd

Dogs are bred for many different reasons and characteristics, with the history of the Australian Shepherd being no different. This incredibly bright and loving dog has a neat history. While we will get to the history of the Australian Shepherd, we will start by talking about dogs and their distant cousins, the wolves. Australian Shepherds are fairly new as an […]

The Best Cheerios Dog Treats Recipe

I know – ANOTHER homemade dog treats recipe… but here is the thing: A lot of people share dog treat recipes on their sites that are NOT safe for dogs! The Best Cheerios Dog Treats Recipe is totally safe for your pooch – honest! I kind of cringe at reading dog treat recipes that have 2 teaspoons of garlic powder, […]

17 Australian Shepherd Gift Ideas for the Dog Lover

Australian Shepherd Gift ideas? Every dog deserves special praise, but the Australian Shepherd is an intelligent dog that is very loyal to the owners. Their owners are loyal in return and if they are difficult to find a gift for, we have you covered! This list has everything from Aussie jewelry to shirts – check it out for yourself! Essential […]

Is An Australian Shepherd a Good Family Dog?

Is an Australian Shepherd a Good Family Dog? We KNOW they were bred for herding, which makes them a pretty good “outdoor” dog, but how are they for families? These brilliant yet high-energy dogs are becoming immensely popular, and for a good reason. But is an Australian Shepherd a good fit for your family? Let us find out.  Is an […]

How to Choose a Veterinarian For Your Dog

Choosing a veterinarian isn’t always easy. Not only will you want to find someone who has the knowledge and experience to treat your pet, but you will also want to find someone who adores animals and who’s able to get Fido the loving care he deserves! With a little work up front, you will be able to find a veterinarian […]

7 Healthy Treats For Your Dog

I know this doesn’t seem like I am talking about healthy treats for your dog but bear with me. I remember my grandfather, who was with the Zoology Department of the University of Wisconsin for years talking about how cats and dogs are a lot like human toddlers. They are intelligent, and more responsive to you the more time you […]

11 Cool Things To Make For Dogs

If you have a dog, then you are undoubtedly in the market for pet supplies and plenty of them. If that is the case, you are in luck because there is a world full of pet products just waiting to be purchased and a lot of eager pets waiting to try them out. Most of these things to make for […]

National Dress Up Your Pet Day is Coming!

National Dress Up Your Pet Day just cracks me up. I am the one friend you have who makes goofy comments when you post that picture of your adorable pug that happens to be dressed up as a ladybug. I say something like “please, put me out of my misery” or something like “shoot me now, PLEASE”. OK, I used […]

The Best Service Dog Movies to Watch

I am a sucker for great dog movies to watch in general, but movies about dogs who have a real mission or job in life can bring me to almost tears at any time. If anyone in your family is thinking about getting a service dog, it can help to watch a movie or two about them with the kids. […]

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