The Answer To Can Australian Shepherd Dogs Live Outside?

“Can Australian Shepherd dogs live outside?” is a question that many people are asking themselves. Australian Shepherds, like other breeds of dogs, do not need to be living in the house with their family in order to thrive. The answer lies within your lifestyle and what you want for your furry friend! Now let me preface this with it really […]

History of the Australian Shepherd

Dogs are bred for many different reasons and characteristics, with the history of the Australian Shepherd being no different. This incredibly bright and loving dog has a neat history. While we will get to the history of the Australian Shepherd, we will start by talking about dogs and their distant cousins, the wolves. Australian Shepherds are fairly new as an […]

17 Australian Shepherd Gift Ideas for the Dog Lover

Australian Shepherd Gift ideas? Every dog deserves special praise, but the Australian Shepherd is an intelligent dog that is very loyal to the owners. Their owners are loyal in return and if they are difficult to find a gift for, we have you covered! This list has everything from Aussie jewelry to shirts – check it out for yourself! Essential […]

Is An Australian Shepherd a Good Family Dog?

Is an Australian Shepherd a Good Family Dog? We KNOW they were bred for herding, which makes them a pretty good “outdoor” dog, but how are they for families? These brilliant yet high-energy dogs are becoming immensely popular, and for a good reason. But is an Australian Shepherd a good fit for your family? Let us find out.  Is an […]

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