The Best Peanut Butter Banana Dog Cookies Recipe

Peanut Butter Banana Dog Cookies? We love healthy treats for our pup and this is one cute cookie that is fun to have around for a little variety on what we normally do. It is human nature to want to feed anything that has a mouth and digestive system, especially when they are our fun fur babies! Zoos have to […]

The Best Sunday Dinner Frozen Chicken Dog Treats

The Best Sunday Dinner Frozen Chicken Dog Treats are the perfect pup pops for a hot summer day. With these dog treats, you can keep your pet cool and refreshed while enjoying some of your favorite Sunday dinner flavors! Sunday dinner was always a baked chicken, mixed veggies, and either potatoes or rice. Since potatoes aren’t the best thing for […]

The Best Fire Hydrant Graham Cracker Dog Treats

Do you have a dog that needs something tasty to eat? If so, Graham Cracker Dog Treats are a perfect choice. These delicious treats are made with graham crackers and peanut butter. Graham cracker dog treats are a tasty, healthy snack that your pup will love. The recipe is simple and only requires a few simple ingredients. Why do dogs […]

Air Fryer Peanut Butter Apple Dog Treats

Who doesn’t love a good dog treat recipe? We’ve got you covered with these delicious peanut butter apple dog treats that will delight even the pickiest of dogs. This is just one of many amazing dog treat recipes that we have on our website, so if this isn’t quite what your pup has been looking for then be sure to […]

The Best Air Fryer Chicken Sweet Potato Dog Chews

Air fryer chicken sweet potato dog chews are the perfect homemade treat for your pup. Sweet potatoes and chicken are both not only inexpensive, but they are easy-to-find ingredients that will make a healthy snack for your canine companion in less time than it takes you to drive to the store. All you need is two ingredients, some water, an […]

How To Make Tazuna’s Favorite Beet Banana Dog Treats

Tazuna is a health-conscious pup who loves to snack on healthy beet banana dog treats. These tasty, vitamin, and mineral-packed treats are the perfect guilt-free treat for your pet! With only 5 ingredients, these beet banana dog treats are easy to make at home. Baking beet banana treats for dogs is such an easy thing to do! You don’t have […]

Nutter Butter Dog Face Cookies for Hoomans: A Tutorial

If you are looking for a new recipe to try this year, I recommend trying dog face cookies. They’re easy to make and kids will love them! In the following tutorial, I show you how I made these cute doggie cookies with Nutter Butter Cookies as a base. We have done so many treats FOR dogs, these are treats for […]

17 Great Homemade Dog Treats

Great homemade dog treats? If seeing the news on how different treats are being recalled or hurting people’s pets, then this list is for you! We use a lot of things that are on our safe food for dogs pet list as our rule of thumb for what to include. We are thrilled with the preservative-free, simple ingredients, and easy-to-follow […]

Super Easy Homemade Dog Paw Balm For Fido

What is Dog Paw Balm? This strange-sounding concept is simply a fragrant ointment or preparation used to heal or soothe the skin, specifically, the skin on the pads of your pup’s paws. This isn’t about pampering your pooch, it is more of an item to keep in your canine first aid kit. I know what you are thinking: “is paw […]

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