8 Tips For Good Dog Oral Hygiene

Dog Oral Hygiene is an important part of caring for your pet. Just like humans – dogs have teeth that can cause problems if they are not cared for with a proper dental routine. You may have already noticed, but dogs can suffer from bad breath just like humans can.    Dental problems in pets go way beyond bad breath. Periodontal […]

First Aid Tips For Dogs Every Pet Owner Should Know

First Aid Tips For Dogs? I know – how weird, right? The first rule in taking care of your dog is:  When your dog is sick, take him to a veterinarian!  Use with caution the advice of friends or people who are supposed to be “old, experienced dog breeders.”  Only a veterinarian is qualified to diagnose the trouble and prescribe […]

Dog Health Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

Dog health insurance can come in handy – like the morning I saw green fluff sticking out of our three-year-old cat’s mouth and realized she ate a worm on a string along with the approximately two feet of fishline. Yes, she needed emergency surgery that would have cost us about $3,500 after all was said and done. Thankfully, we had […]

How to Choose a Dog Sitter

We have all been there – looking forward to that vacation that you simply can’t take your pup with. As much as I love my dog, putting her through a nine to ten-hour flight just seems cruel. She would be crossing her little legs trying to hold it as there is no grass on a plane. That is why you […]

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