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How to Choose a Dog Sitter

How to Choose a Dog Sitter

We have all been there – looking forward to that vacation that you simply can’t take your pup with. As much as I love my dog, putting her through a nine to ten-hour flight just seems cruel. She would be crossing her little legs trying to hold it as there is no grass on a plane. That is why you need to know how to choose a dog sitter

Now, I am not knocking kennel services, and if I did use one it would be through my vet. I just think a dog has less anxiety when they are in their own environment, even if their owners are gone.

How to Choose a Dog Sitter

While hiring a pet sitter is a great way to make your dog feel more comfortable while you’re on vacation, it can also be difficult to find someone to watch Max while you’re gone. It’s important to find someone who’s trustworthy, has experience with dogs, and will give your dog-loving care while you’re away from home.               

Here are some tips on how to choose a dog sitter:

Ask for recommendations. 

Find out if your friends, coworkers or neighbors have a reliable dog sitter who they love. You might also see if your veterinarian or local animal workers have any recommendations.

dog sitter

Search for a dog sitter

While you can try, a better option may be to use the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters at

Hold a dog sitter interview and meet and greet. 

You’ll want to make sure that the potential candidate seems both trustworthy and knowledgeable about caring for your dog. They should be familiar with how to administer any medications, if necessary, or how to accommodate any of your dog’s special needs.

This quick video has 5 fast tips for choosing a dog sitter

 It’s also important to make sure that your dog gets along with the potential pet sitter.

What should you ask a dog sitter?

  • What do you love about being a pet-sitter & what parts of the job do you hate? 
  • Can you provide references? 
  • How would you handle a pet emergency? 
  • What services are included in your rate & what services cost extra? 
  • Do you charge by the day or the week?
  • How can we stay in touch while I’m away?

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Make sure the dog sitter is properly insured.

It’s important for your sitter to have bonding and liability insurance coverage. This protects both of you in the event something happens to your pet, with your pet, or to your home while they are in your place.

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What is a good rate to pay a dog sitter?

This really depends on what you are asking for. While they stay in your home or just stop in a few times a day? Will the dog be at THEIR home? How old is your dog? Does Fido have any special needs, medication, etc?

These are just some tips on how to choose a dog sitter! While the process of allowing a stranger into your home may seem overwhelming, Felix will likely be much happier in the comfort of your own home than at a kennel!

Dog Sitter Services

There are companies that do the work for you – they screen and bond people that they add to their network for house sitting and dog sitting. One company I like is Trusted House Sitters.

Trusted, Vetted & Insured. 24/7 Vet Advice Line Included. Connect With Like-Minded Pet Lovers And Exchange Pet Care For A Place To Stay. All sits covered. 5* rated sitters… I could go on and on.

If you are a house sitter or dog sitter, this is a great place for you to check out for assignments or be a part of. Just check out the jobs they currently have available here.

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Dog Sitter Security

Some home insurance policies won’t cover leaving your home in the hands of a third party, such as a sitter.

For extra peace of mind, if you have an existing home insurance policy, then their Home & Contents Protection covers every sit confirmed through TrustedHousesitters at no extra cost to you, up to $1 million USD.

You’re protected against property damage, theft, and public liability, if a sitter has an accident in your home.

Dog Sitter Discount

I did score a 10% discount offer for you – Save 10% on Trusted House Sitters

If you are a traveler, this is the PERFECT company for you! You can be a “standard owner” and pay just $169 for the year – and you get UNLIMITED pet & home care from verified sitters at no extra cost… well, $153 with that 10% discount I got you.

How is that a bargain? Most local kennels charge $12-18 a day. If you plan to be gone 10+ days a year, you are actually saving money by using them!

Money Back Guarantee

Trusted House Sitters is pawsitive that they can help you – to the point that they have a money back guarantee.

If you do not receive any sitter applications within 14 days of posting your first listing, you’ll receive your money back with no strings attached.

What to Leave with Your Dog Sitter

Basic information like what your dog needs for any special care, how to reach you, and more is important information to leave with your sitter. Even all the Vet info, God-forbid that it is ever needed. To make this beyond simple for you – I have a FREE Printable for you: A Dog Sitter Information Sheet

dog sitter information sheet

Kennels just don’t work for some dogs

I am not saying kennels are bad, they just aren’t always a viable option for some people. My mom had to come back from a trip early because her Doxie was struggling at the kennel, afraid of the other dogs, and wouldn’t eat. 

One of my past pooches? It was almost impossible to get her to come home with us as she had such a great time playing with the other dogs and sucking up to the caretakers.

You need to make this choice based on your dog’s own personality.

Become a dog sitter

Now, on the other side of the fence, there is an opportunity to offer great customer care and a pawsitively great time for dogs by becoming a pet sitter yourself! Some people do this as a side hustle and make $10,000+ a year!

Just check out this video to learn a little more.

Check out these other great tips for dogs:


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