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The Ultimate Guide for Washing Your Dog: Oatmeal Dog Shampoo Recipe

The Ultimate Guide for Washing Your Dog: Oatmeal Dog Shampoo Recipe

The Ultimate Guide for Washing Your Dog? I know – what a bold claim to make! While we are going to talk about how to give your pup a bath, we are also sharing our Oatmeal Dog Shampoo recipe – as it is the best puppy shampoo I know!

The Ultimate Guide for Washing Your Dog

Dogs are a wonderful addition to any family. They are loyal, loving, and always happy to see you when you come home from work. But sometimes we don’t realize what they go through during the day as they explore their surroundings and play with other dogs. However, just like humans, they need a good bath! In this article, I am going to give you some helpful tips for washing your dog that will keep them clean and make them smell great!

How to wash your dog – with oatmeal shampoo for dogs

Bathing a puppy can be a real challenge, especially when your pup uses every resource to thwart your attempts to get them clean. Who wants to sit, all wet, in a slippery bathtub when there are lizards to chase, and trash men to harass?

But don’t give up on this important bath ritual. The way you bathe your puppy matters because you are teaching them, here and now, exactly what bath time will be like for the rest of his days. If you want a well-behaved adult dog that actually enjoys his bath, follow these simple steps we lay out. There is no right way to wash a dog but this guide should help make it easier for you next time!

First thing; before you even run the bathwater, is to collect all the supplies you will need. You’ll need a lot of these the first few times.

  • Nylon collar and leash
  • Coat-conditioning spray (for long-haired dogs)
  • Natural-bristle brush
  • Slicker brush during times of heavy shedding.
  • Large towel for your dog.

Now that your supplies are in order, put them all within reach of the tub where you will bathe your puppy.

The bathtub works fine for some people, but small dogs fit perfectly in the kitchen sink, and this can be easier on your back if you’re no longer a spring chicken. (I say this with love as I am 50+)

You may prefer to bathe really big dogs using the garden hose on the porch or driveway…but keep in mind that no one really likes being doused with cold water.

Next, put on clothes you don’t care about getting soaked. Get a few of those treats ready, along with the nylon collar and leash. The entire affair will work better if your puppy is hungry, so do not feed him 6 hours before the bath.

Call your puppy to you and offer a treat, remove his regular collar, put on the nylon collar and leash, a give him a few more treats.

Say to him:

“We’re going to have a bath! Won’t this be fun?” In your best happy-talking-to-a-toddler voice.

Take your puppy into the bathroom and show him a favorite toy, and play in the bathroom a bit. Remember, you want this to be fun.

Now it’s time for a thorough brush-and-comb. Any knots or tangles in your puppy’s coat will tighten and become worse when wet, so you want to comb out all tangles before turning on the faucet. Spray long coats with conditioner and brush thoroughly, then comb through, making sure you get all the way down to the skin.

This is good for breeds like Aussies, and Goldens.

Pay attention to the areas behind your dog’s ears, where legs meet the body, and under the tail, where mats tend to form in long coats. Remember to praise throughout this process and stay happy, keep the treats flowing.

When your dog’s coat is completely free of tangles and dead hair, put the nonskid mat on the bottom of the tub, sink, or pool, and loop the nylon leash around some thing sturdy like the faucet or, if you are outside, a fence, deck post, or heavy piece of lawn furniture.

Now your puppy cant escape and you still have both hands free. Show him his toy and let him play with it a little in the tub before you turn on the water.

Remember to do this with each new step, so your puppy gets rewarded instead of being afraid of the bath.

Don’t let the water touch the dog until you are sure it is the right temperature. If using the garden hose, make sure any hot water sitting in the hose has run all the way out.

Now, thoroughly soak the coat with water. Avoid the eyes and ears, and keep praising. Shake bottle to remix your Oatmeal Dog Shampoo mixture. Now, put some of our Oatmeal Dog Shampoo in your palms and rub them together, or apply some to the middle of your dog’s back.

Apply the shampoo to your dog’s coat by massaging in circles for short coats, or massaging in long strokes with the growth of hair in long coats, to prevent tangling.

Using the scrub brush, work the shampoo in, again using a circular motion on short coats and long brushstrokes on long coats.

As you scrub and soap your puppy, he will probably shake his coat and soak you. This is a natural reaction in dogs when they get wet. If he does this, do not scold him!

Next, it’s time to rinse. If you leave the shampoo in the coat, it can attract dirt and cause tangles, making your dog look worse than before you washed him. Using the sprayer attachment or a pitcher, rinse out all the soap from along the back, under the belly, between paw pads, etc.

When you are sure you’ve rinsed out all the soap, do it again. There’s always more soap that needs to be removed.

Then, when you are done rinsing a second time, begin to towel dry your dog. Wrap your puppy in a big, soft towel and blot the water from his coat. Don’t rub the coat as wet hair tangles easily. Again massaging the skin as best you can and patting it gently with that soft towel.

Dogs love this part of being bathed! Be sure to spend some extra time here cuddling up in the plushness of his fur while he enjoys his bath (and maybe falls asleep). And don’t forget that there’s always more dirt on top than underneath so keep an eye out for any stubborn spots that need scrubbing or brushing again.

When the bath is over, after you dry your puppy is let loose, he will shake again, just to dry himself a little more. Go with it, and stay happy. If you want your dog to air dry a wire crate works best. If you don’t have a wire crate, keep the room warm and put towels down to dry him off.

Now, to make this process easier for everyone, I have created an Oatmeal Dog Shampoo that works beautifully for dry or itchy dog skin. It is easy to make, and great for that delicate puppy or sensitive pooch skin.

Gentle, yet effective.

Why does oatmeal make for a great shampoo?

  • It is a natural moisturizer
  • It can be found in most kitchen cupboards
  • It has anti-itch properties for dry or sensitive skin

This oatmeal dog shampoo only takes about 10 minutes to make and gives you a 16 oz bottle – which should last you several months!

Oatmeal Dog Shampoo Ingredients:

best puppy shampoo

Supplies Needed:

  • Blender
  • Container/bottle to store (can use recycled bottles)
  • Fine Strainer
  • Bowl

Note: The leftover oat mush after straining works great in dog treats or feed. It can also be fed to chickens or added to compost so that it is not wasted.


best shampoo for puppies

Step 1: Add oats and warm water to the blender and blend until fully mixed. Allow resting for about 5 minutes after blending for the oats to soak into the water.

oatmeal shampoo for dogs

Step 2: Pour the oat mixture over a strainer into a bowl. You may need to use a spoon to help press it through.

homemade dog shampoo for dry skin

Step 3: Pour oat water into the bottle. Then add soap and vitamin e to the mixture. Place the cap on the bottle and shake until fully mixed.

how to make oatmeal dog shampoo

Step 4: Store in the fridge until ready to use.

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