5 Easy to Teach Dog Tricks

5 Easy to Teach Dog Tricks

Easy to Teach Dog Tricks? Dog owners, this article is for you! We all know how smart and adorable our four-legged friends are, but did you know that they can also be trained to do cool tricks? Teaching your dog a few simple commands is an easy way to keep them entertained and show off their skills. In this article, we’ll cover five of the easiest tricks to teach your pup – what could be better than teaching them something new together?

We have talked before about how to bond with your pet – and working together on treats is certainly a great way to spend time together!

Easy tricks to teach your dog

To teach your dog tricks even easy ones you need to have some small reward treats, be in a quiet suitable place and keep the training sessions to 10 – 15 minutes or your dog will start to get bored, remember when he gets something right lots of praise and a reward treat, just be careful not to get him overexcited or he will lose concentration.

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We’ll start with the simplest trick of all: sit. To teach this one, you need to get your dog in a sitting position and then say “sit!” When they do what you told them to, praise them and give them a treat. Keep practicing until they learn that when you tell them “sit” they should do it.

If you add a hand command to the word “sit”, soon you can just use the hand command and Fido will follow directions beautifully.

Once your dog gets good at the easy tricks, you can move on to ones that take a little more effort like rolling over or shaking hands! So train away and have lots of fun with your pup!

Give Your Their Paw

Getting your dog to give you his paw, first get your dog to sit, then as you say the word ‘paw’ take your dog’s paw in your hand, give the dog a treat, repeat this, after a few times do not take his paw so quickly, say the word, count to one then take it, you should notice he is bringing his paw up as you say the word if he does not go back to saying it at the same time, do it a few more times then slow your response again. After 2 or 3 sessions most dogs pick this one up quite easily.

Once your dog has mastered the paw trick this one should be very easy to learn and with just a few sessions he will be doing it on hand signal rather than voice control.

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Easy to Teach Dog Tricks: High Five

The high five, like a lot of tricks high five is a progression of an earlier trick, in this cast the paw trick. Hold a treat in your fingers and raise your hand slightly higher than you would for the paw trick. Your dog will think you want to do the paw trick and will reach for the treat with his paw as we taught him earlier, as he reaches up you say high five and give him the treat.

Roll Over

This one can be a little tricky, but with time and patience, you’ll get it. First of all get your dog to lie down on his back so he is in the position for rolling over, next take a treat in each hand and slowly push them towards his head from both sides (be careful not to touch him), pull the treats away and reward him.

I know I am not explaining this one well – so check out this video – the roll over and then how to build upon that for “Play Dead”.

Every dog should know how to “play dead” and roll over! In this video I’ll give your the most detailed lesson I ever have on this subject!

I just disagree with Zak on the rope tug of war toy – Aussies love to shake something to “kill it”. If you have ever been hit in the leg by a whipping around rope toy – especially if it has a knot on the end of it – you will ban those suckers from your home.

Easy to Teach Dog Tricks: Hoop Jumping

Before you start this one I would just like to ask you to be a little sensible and not hold the hoop too high as you do not want your dog to hurt himself while doing the trick.

Sit your dog on one side of a hula hoop, get the dog’s attention on your hand on the other side of the hoop take a treat in your hand, and give the dog the command to release him from the sit.

At first, he may attempt to go around or under the hoop, if this happens, start again, your dog wants the treat and will soon learn that going around or under does not get it so he will soon start going through it.

When he does say “hoopla” and give him the treat. He will soon be jumping through the hoop on the command of “hoopla”.

When I started doing this trick I had a medium-sized dog (a Labrador) so I started with the hoop 6 inches from the ground and slowly raised it to waist height, if you have a smaller dog you might want to start with the hoop touching the ground so the dog just goes through the hoop and then slowly raise it as he gets used to the trick.

As your dog gets better at these tricks make sure to practice each one every day until he has mastered them all! If you’re interested in teaching him some more tricks, I’ve found it helpful to teach him tricks that are similar and use the same commands.

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