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Best Nose Butter For Dogs: A DIY

Best Nose Butter For Dogs: A DIY

Best Nose Butter For Dogs? We all know that dogs love to have a wet nose. But, sometimes the dog’s nose can get dry and cracked due to allergies or even the hot or cold weather. In this article, we will tell you how to make your own nose butter for your pet!

Best Nose Butter For Dogs: A DIY

I know it depends on where you live as to how the weather will affect your pooch’s snout, but pretty much any time of the year, you can find a use for this – just like our paw butter recipe!

What is nose butter for dogs?

It is a moisturizer for your dog’s nose. You can buy it from the store or you can make it at home and be assured of what you are putting on your pooch.

Why do dogs need nose butter?

When a dog’s nose gets dry, it can get cracked and even bleed. This is not only painful for the dog but could also be dangerous if infection sets in. Nose butter will provide much-needed relief to your pup by keeping their nose moisturized and preventing any cracking or bleeding during this time of year when dogs are vulnerable to these issues.

What time of year do dogs need nose butter?

Both extreme hot and/or cold weather can be a big factor in how dry the dog’s nose is. When it starts getting warmer, dogs spend more time outside which makes them more prone to dry noses during this time of year. The same goes for when winter sets in–dogs who spend a lot of time outdoors will have drier noses than those that live indoors.

And for those in the midst of winter, nose butter is a great way to keep your dog’s nose from drying out and cracking during this cold time of year when they spend more time outside!

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Where to buy nose butter for dogs

You can even get this on Amazon, but for the average price of $15 (a 2oz container of Snout Magic brand), it is so much thriftier to make it yourself. You only have to invest in a few safe ingredients and you are all set. This recipe will make a slightly larger batch and cost you a whole heck of a lot less.

Some of those brands have not only excess chemicals, but often use essential oils. Now, I am usually down for essential oils, but eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, and peppermint to give it the refreshing menthol scent? Those can sting a sore nose!

Do nose butters work?

Yes! It is so comforting for your dog’s nose when you apply this at night before bed or on a day when they are outside more than usual because of allergies.

How do I know my dog might have allergies?

If your dog is licking their nose often, sneezing, and has watery eyes then they might have allergies. It is kind of like watching your young kids – and often the same symptoms. No worries- if they are seasonal dog nose butter will help you both get through it.

How do you make dog nose butter?

Homemade nose butter for dogs is an easy recipe that takes only about five minutes – and is all “nice” ingredients. No worries about your pooch “licking their nose” and ingesting bad things.

Nose Butter For Dogs Ingredients:

Nose Butter For Dogs Ingredients:
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where to buy nose butter

Step 1: In a microwave-safe dish add wax and heat in 20-second intervals until fully melted. Stir in between heatings.

How to make nose butter for dogs

Step 2: Add everything else to wax and mix well. You may need to reheat as you want it to be a liquid and fully mixed.

nost butter for dogs ingredients

Step 3: Pour mixture into a container and allow to cool before using. It will be firm when cooled. If you want more of a whipped texture like in the picture. Scrap with a spoon or knife to soften it up and place it back in the container.

nose butter for dogs

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