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All About the PAWS Service Dogs Program

All About the PAWS Service Dogs Program

PAWS Service Dogs is a 501c3 non-profit organization that trains and places service dogs for people with disabilities in the United States. They train both puppies and adult dogs to be service animals, which can help their handler in various ways.

Paws Service Dogs Training Program

PAWS Service Dogs provides life-changing assistance to many individuals and families who need it the most. This article will explore what they do, how they do it, as well as what you can do if you are interested in getting a service dog of your own!

PAWS Service Dogs: All You Need To Know

If you aren’t up to getting your own dog and train PAWS may be the way to go. I have talked about what you need to do to register your service dog before, and how the training can take an average of two years.

PAWS Service Dogs was founded in 19 as a response to the lack of service dog providers for people with disabilities. The organization has helped over 200 disabled clients since then and is continuing to grow and expand its services.

The PAWS service dogs program provides highly trained assistance animals to those who need them, aiding clients in everything from depression and anxiety to diabetes management.

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Paws Service Dogs Training Program

PAWS Service Dogs trains service dogs for people with disabilities. They train both puppies and adult dogs to be service animals, which can help their handler in various ways! PAWS Service Dogs provides life-changing assistance to many individuals and families who need it the most.

PAWS Service Dogs Training Process:

Every dog is uniquely trained based on the needs of the person they will be supporting. The program utilizes a variety of training methods, including reward-based and positive reinforcement techniques to create them in an environment that is safe and comfortable for both dog and handler.

What may be needed for one person, may not be a problem for another person. If the pup is taught how to pull a wheelchair, it most likely wouldn’t be matched with a wheelchair-bound handler.

PAWS Service Dogs uses reward-based methods to train service dogs. They partner with the client (or a team of people) and their dog throughout training, helping them both learn how to do what they need in order to live independently.

Training Locations:

PAWS Service Dogs offers service animal training at multiple locations across the United States! They also have programs all over the country to provide service animals for those who need them.

They Train People Too!

They also offer a wide range of resources and services. They offer training programs that teach people how to be the best handler they can be, as well as living-away programs which allow handlers time away from their dog if they need it. One of PAWS Service Dogs’ most popular programs is the Puppy Program, which provides service dogs to people who have physical disabilities and cannot work with a more developed dog.

PAWS Service Dogs qualifications

PAWS Service Dogs has a rigorous application process to ensure that clients and their dogs are well matched. They also have stringent standards for service dog trainers, who must undergo vetting from the organization before they can start training with PAWS.

Training Fees: Pricing starts at $30,000 and goes up depending on what kind of service animal is needed.

The PAWS service dogs program is a non-profit that trains and matches well with individuals seeking assistance for everything from walking assistance to intensive physical tasks.

PAWS seeks to provide individualized assistance in order for each person’s needs to meet their training requirements. They also offer placement services that put trained dogs into homes where they will be able to do their job.

A great video about how service dogs help our Veterans – just listen to their stories– grab a Kleenex first!

PAWS Service Dog Tasks

What kind of things do they teach a dog at PAWS?

PAWS service dogs are trained to help with everything from walking assistance, providing brace support for people in wheelchairs, and even opening doors.

The organization’s website also states that they can provide “a suite of services designed by an individual’s needs. This includes training a dog who is skilled at detecting seizure activity or identifying a person who is experiencing an oncoming panic attack.”

These service dogs are trained to do the tasks that their owners need assistance with, and can even be taught in-home skills such as picking up trash without being given any direction from anyone else.

That is pretty incredible if you ask me!

PAWS Service Dog Costs:

The sponsorship to breed, raise, train, place an Assistance Dog and provide ongoing team support exceeds $35,000. PAWS clients do not pay to receive their Assistance Dogs. There is no insurance or government funding available to sponsor Assistance Dogs. Their funding comes from individual donations nationwide.

PAWS Service Dogs also offers scholarships and fundraising opportunities for those who are struggling with the costs of their service dog. Donations can be made online as well!

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They provide an array of avenues for support in the form of resources, counseling, and emotional support. They offer many different ways people can find their service animal from adoption programs to extensive training opportunities. PAWS also has a successful living-away program that offers new handlers time to adjust to their new service animal before bringing the dog home.

Paws Service Dogs for Veterans

They also provide free service dog training for veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

In order to train these dogs, the organization relies on donations as well as volunteer instructors who are experts in their respective fields such as animal behavior or veterinary care.

If you’re interested in partnering with PAWS to provide service dogs for veterans, please contact them!

How can you help PAWS?

PAWS Service Dogs provides life-changing assistance to many individuals and their families. You can help by making a donation, volunteering your time, or donating supplies that are needed for PAWS service dogs.

What do you get when you donate to PAWS Service Dogs?

  • You provide the opportunity for someone in need to live more comfortably and independently than they could without their service animal partner.
  • Your contribution will help PAWS Service Dogs continue rescuing, training, and placing service dogs with veterans who have been wounded while serving our country.
  • You will be helping to save the lives of animals that would otherwise have not had a second chance at life.

Rest assured that your money really does make a difference! PAWS’ fundraising and management costs are at or below 18 percent, allowing 82 cents of each donor dollar to be used for program services.

Donate today!

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