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National Dress Up Your Pet Day is Coming!

National Dress Up Your Pet Day is Coming!

National Dress Up Your Pet Day just cracks me up. I am the one friend you have who makes goofy comments when you post that picture of your adorable pug that happens to be dressed up as a ladybug. I say something like “please, put me out of my misery” or something like “shoot me now, PLEASE”.

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OK, I used to totally be the one making fun of my friends dressing up their pooch until we got Tazuna. I simply can’t help it: she looks so freaking adorable in her sweaters and absolutely LOVES them.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day Ideas

Despite that, I can’t help but share this list with you — 15 different fun posts about dressing your pet up! I can’t wait to hear what you think as some of these are really freaking adorable.

  • 21 Sewing Projects for Pets

We love our pets just like we love our family members and close friends. To show much you love your pets, you can indulge in sewing projects.

Here are the 21 Sewing Projects for Pets

  • DIY Dog Sweater

Keep your pet dog warm in a nice-looking dog sweater. The DIY sweater project is an easy one and it will be ready in no time.

Get the DIY Dog Sweater here

  • Sparkly Pinata Dog Costume

The Sparkly Pinata costume is a simple and unique creation that would look good in photos. Made with a pet shirt, it is an easy DIY project.

Get the Sparkly Pinata Dog Costume here

  • DIY Pet Coat

You can add to your pet’s wardrobe with this easy Pet Coat project. It can be me with/without pockets, look cute and can be sewn quickly.

Get the DIY Pet Coat here

  • DIY Dog Shirt

If you want your ‘best friend’ to be comfortable and cute looking then this DIY project is perfect for you.

Get the DIY Dog Shirt here

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  • DIY Doggie TuTu

Your princess dog should always have one cute outfit in her wardrobe and this DIY project will teach you to make her own TuTu.

Get the DIY Doggie TuTu here

  • DIY Cat Collar

Are you looking to buy a snazzy cat collar for your pet for an upcoming occasion at your house? The collars are cheap and easy to create.

Learn about the DIY Cat Collar here

  • DIY Dog Boots

Making boots for your dog can be a fun project. Your pet friend too will feel happy when he/she wears them.

Learn about the DIY Dog Boots here

  • Unique Costumes to Make for your Pet

Have you realized that your dog is the only one without a decent costume in your neighborhood? Aww, but do not worry. Here is an easy DIY project that will transform your dog!

Get the Unique Costumes to Make for your pet here

  •  DIY Rat Dress

You have a lady rat at home? Sew up a nice dress for the little princess and make her happy.

Get the DIY Rat Dress here

  •  DIY Dog Pants

You can dress up your dog in ‘human’ clothes to keep your pet warm or just for some fun. There is no need to buy from stores as you can make it right at home.

Learn about the DIY Dog Pants here

  •  The Simplest Way to Dress Up a Dog Collar

If you have extra fabric scraps in your home, you can use those to make a colorful dog collar that will make your pup happy. It is not a difficult project and will not take much of your time.

Learn The Simplest Way to Dress Up a Dog Collar here

  •  DIY Unicorn Costume

If you want to dress up your dog and have a little bit of fun, then the DIY unicorn costume is the way to go!

Get the DIY Unicorn Costume here

  •  DIY Bearded Dragon Rudolph Costume

You have a bearded dragon at home? Dress it up for the Christmas with this nice little Rudolph costume that you can quickly make at home.

Learn about the DIY Bearded Dragon Rudolph Costume here

  •  Disney Pet Costumes Exclusively at PetSmart

Want to dress up your pet this Halloween? Your cat or dog will look cute and adorable with these beautiful Disney Pet costumes.

Get the Disney Pet Costumes Exclusively at PetSmart here

Check out these other great tips for dogs:

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