Dog Crafts
17 Fun Dog Crafts Families Can Make

17 Fun Dog Crafts Families Can Make

Almost all kids and adults believe that cats and dogs are adorable. If your kid or family members are dog lovers, then you would love the following 17 fun dog crafts.

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I know we have talked a lot about making organic dog treats and frozen dog treats, but this time we have things that are mostly for the dog owners: crafty goodness! Just try them as a fun project to do with your fellow fur baby lovers – there really is a dog craft here for everyone.

Fun Dog Crafts

Now don’t get me wrong, there are a few fun things here that would be great for your fur baby – like one of the Christmas Ornaments – and I have a dog snuffle mat coming up soon!

So, let’s get to crafting!

1.      Paper Plate Dog Craft

This DIY craft is perfect for the kiddos as it helps them to envision their dream pets and allows them to customize the furry friends.

Get the tutorial for Paper Plate Dog Craft here

2.      Cardboard Tube Dog

This DIY craft teaches you how to transform a cardboard tube into a dog through a simple craft.

Learn how to make Cardboard Tube Dog here

3.      DIY Pug Bookmark

The DIY Pug bookmark craft is so adorable. You can use the dog template to make your task a wee bit easier.

Get the tutorial for DIY Pug Bookmark here

4.      Puppy Dog Popsicle Stick Craft

The popsicle stick crafts are popular with kids as they are easy to make. It is a perfect Valentine’s Day craft and you can even display it at home.

Learn about Puppy Dog Popsicle Stick Craft here

5.      Dog Corner Bookmark

Do you love reading books while curling up with your puppy? Then this can act as an inspiration for your DIY Dog Corner Bookmark craft.

Learn about Dog Corner Bookmark here

6.      Paper Plate Valentine Puppy Craft

It is a cute Valentine’s Day paper craft wherein a puppy is made using heart shapes on a paper plate.

Learn about the Paper Plate Valentine Puppy Craft here

7.      DIY 3D Dog Mask

Made from paper plates, the DIY 3D Dog Mask is an easy and quick craft.

Learn about DIY 3D Dog Mask here

8.      Expandable Origami Dachshund

It is a simple craft, but this can be done by the slightly older kids. Although the craft looks like a caricature, the main features are noticeably clear.

Learn about the Expandable Origami Dachshund here

9.      Easy Origami Dog Puppy

The origami dog puppy is super easy to make and all you need for this is a sheet of A4 paper. Of course, you will need a few colored pens for decorations.

Learn about the Easy Origami Dog Puppy here

10.   DIY Wolf Dog Yarn Pom Pom Tutorial

If you are having a wolf themed birthday party for the kids, then these cute looking yarn pom pom wolves will be a welcome addition.

Learn about the DIY Wolf Dog Yarn Pom Pom Tutorial here

11.   Hairy Maclary Dog Crafts

The toilet paper rolls come in handy when you are doing any DIY crafts. They look cute, easy to make and makes full utilization of the child’s creativity.

Learn about the Hairy Maclary Dog Crafts here

12.   Paper Plate Dalmatian

Dog lovers will fall in love with this paper plate dalmatian. It is an easy craft that requires minimum supplies and can be made in minutes!

Learn about the DIY Paper Plate Dalmatian here

13.   Paper Dog Puppet

It is one of the best dog craft for the kids. You would be surprised to see how quickly and easily these paper puppets could be made.

Learn about the Paper Dog Puppet here

14.   Dog Craft Preschools Kids will Love

Preschoolers would love this dog craft but you can help them out a bit by printing the template before starting.

Learn about the Dog Craft Preschools Kids will Love here

15.   Dollar Store DIY Tennis Ball Dog Ornament

The tennis ball dog ornament will prove to be a great gift for all your pet friends.

Learn about the Dollar Store DIY Tennis Ball Dog Ornament here

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16.   Santa Pup Ornaments for Christmas

The DIY Santa pup Christmas ornaments will be loved by your furry friend and they will surely enjoy it. If you have cats at home, then you can make these for your cats; just fill them with cat treats.

Get the Santa Pup Ornaments for Christmas here

17.   DIY Pallet Wood Dog

Dog lovers would surely love this DIY project wherein you learn to make dogs from pallet wood.

Learn how to make DIY Pallet Wood Dog here

Regardless of which crafts you try, make it a fun family activity. My favorites? The holiday ornaments, but I am a sucker for all things Christmas. 

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