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What You Need to Know About DoggieLawn Delivery Service

What You Need to Know About DoggieLawn Delivery Service

OK – when I first heard of the DoggieLawn delivery grass concept, I started laughing. And laughing. And laughing. All sorts of jokes started to go through my head about a dog potty grass pad kit from how lazy the owner must be to a creative way for landscapers to make a buck from a lack of yard work jobs.

What You Need to Know About DoggieLawn Delivery Service

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was actually a brilliant concept – so bear with me. Here are my thoughts… for what it is worth.

Doggielawn Real Grass Dog Potty

My Mom came to my mind. In her advancing Alzheimer’s stages, she simply adored her teacup shitzhu: Lily. One problem, mom had a difficult time remembering to let her out. Lily proceeded to anoint many areas of carpet, to the point that it all had to be pulled up and pitched.


If Lily had a dog grass patch, those carpets might have survived and we could have saved the cost of the new bamboo flooring to replace the stained wood. We needed to get the house ready to sell and with those stains and smell? Well, it looked like we had a problem with potty training.

What about a Potty Pad?

I know what you are going to suggest – potty pads are even at the local Dollar Tree in a pack of 3 or 4 for a buck. Here is why I don’t like them:

They are bad for the environment

Most of the potty pads available on the market today are made from synthetic materials that have the potential to affect the environment adversely. During the production process, these materials are known to release several harmful CFC’s into the environment.

Often, using puppy pee pads as part of the toilet training process can actually lead to long-term toilet training issues.

They sabotage your potty training efforts

You are teaching your dog to go in the bathroom indoors. When I was younger, we used newspapers, but that trained pups to pretty much nail any piece of paper that hit the floor. Pee pads teach them to look for any soft surface, just like those newspapers did.

If my mom had a doggie pee grass patch, Lily would have been using that instead of the carpet, eliminating (no pun intended) a mess to clean up…and there would have been no environmental burden of puppy pads to consider.

Who Else could use a Doggielawn Subscription Service?

So – this would work for Seniors who have difficulty taking care of their pets and make life a little easier for their caretakers, but who else is this good for?

Senior Dogs

They often have bladder control issues and KNOW that they are letting you down. These adult dogs KNOW they are supposed to do their business on the grass but might not make it to the doggie door on time. That Doggielawn disposable dog potty can give them a little dignity.


Indoor grass for dogs is a natural way to get them started on potty training. Doggielawn even has a Puppy Starter Set!

Check Out the Puppy Starter Set Here

Apartment Dwellers

I think of my friends in the Big Apple – who live in an apartment, love their fur baby, and can’t always take them to central park, etc. This lets their pooch still do their job on the grass, but does not make them have to wait for that chance to find a little dog grass. The concept of apartment dog grass has really grown on me.

Grass for dogs in apartments – who would have thought of that?

They did – ha!
Imagine the real grass patio potties in downtown Chicago or NYC! What a great solution and way to prevent unnatural smells.

Your local Animal Shelter

Especially with COVID – it was harder to get volunteers to take the pups out. This keeps them consistent in their training.

Fresh Grass for Dogs

Let’s take a look at this new subscription idea that I am starting to love: the Doggielawn Disposable Dog Potty. It is a real grass dog potty that is delivered right to your door!

How does Doggielawn work

It is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

What size DoggieLawn is right for you?
  1. Pick a standard size of the four dog grass potty patches to choose from. Standard, Medium, Large, and XL pet potty grass are the different sizes for options.
  2. Get FREE shipping on your tray of grass from FedEx – and we all know how much shipping costs have gone up. That means your natural indoor grass for dogs is on your way after you click that button.
  3. Let it go – or should I say let your pup go? As soon as you open your package and find that perfect spot to put it – that grass for dogs is ready to do its job – helping Fido do HIS job!

How long does Doggielawn last

The answer to this will have a few variables, like what size grass did you get, what size dog do you have, and is in a slightly sunny location or not.

If you follow their suggestions and water it a little, your grass for dogs should last 2 to 3 weeks…but a month is really the end of its shelf life. Be careful how much you water it though as most dogs don’t like wet grass!

How to clean Doggielawn

When looking at fresh grass for dogs, there are a few things to consider. First of all – grass is a natural deodorizer and it helps with any smell you are thinking would be there. It also comes in a cardboard tray – for easier clean-up when the grass needs replacing. It doesn’t have any dirt – the grass is hydroponically grown.

Obviously, pick up the solid waste as it happens or is noticed – you may still want those poo bags handy!

You can clean it with just a little water OR use their deodorizing spray – that I don’t really think is needed.

When your new shipment of dog potty patch grass comes? Just put the old indoor dog potty in a green compost bin!

DoggieLawn VS Fresh Patch

Doggielawn isn’t the only fresh grass for dogs product on the market – there are a few others, but these are the top 2.

  • They both need to be taken out of the shipping package quickly and aired out for almost a day before they are used.
  • They are both very easy to use, made of real grass, and easy to dispose of.
  • They both absorb urine well.
  • Fresh Patch is lighter and more portable, but it is also smaller.
  • Doggielawn has sizes that accommodate larger dogs. If your dog is over 25 pounds, this is certainly the brand for you.

Coupon for Doggielawn

If you are looking for a Doggielawn Dog Toilet Discount Code then be assured that you are all set – there is a pop-up for 10% off your order on their website that you get when you subscribe to their email list.

Are you a military family?

There are special discounts for you – 5% off every shipment! Click Here to submit a request or just send an email to to receive more details.

Coupon for doggielawn

Is Doggielawn worth it?

Let’s see – a Natural, Eco-friendly way to help you train your pup or retain the dignity of your aging fur-baby. You can help a troubled senior hang on to their pet. You can bring a little nature to the pooch in the middle of a concrete jungle. Busy dog owners or people with that sudden busy schedule can breathe a little easier with this conscientious option.

And that new grass is delivered to your door, on your own schedule…I would say that is a pretty decent value for your money instead of dealing with the high maintenance of artificial grass.

Doggielawn is for Bunnies Too

I have a few friends that actually have pet rabbits – how cool is this for them! I know they are house trained, but if you don’t have a rabbit run – taking them outside is dangerous. A smaller version of the Doggielawn disposable dog potty is a great idea instead of having to deal with a litter box or artificial turf.

Click here to learn more about getting a BunnyLawn

Doggielawn reviews

Don’t take my word for it – just look at what a few other people have to say about it with their Doggielawn review:

Justin said: Consistently fresh grass from DoggieLawn!

Everytime I order from DoggieLawn, I am happy with the quality of natural grass that arrives. No brown spots on a DoggieLawn pad, always lush green grass that stays green for weeks. It always comes in 3-5 days, depending on the time of year.
The size of the pad is great for a dog under 20ish pounds (10kg’s). My wife and I have a mini Yorkie, so at 4lbs, its huge for him! Something new that came with this most recent order is a small bottle of training spray (some kind of pheromone), which my dog doesnt need, but its a nice addition for the seller to include.
The box it comes in can be used as a tray since its got a plastic lining, but I usually only use the box for a few weeks. Once the grass starts to brown I transfer it to a hard plastic tray that came from an old cage. One piece of advice if you’ve never ordered one before is to put it on a non-absorbing surface like linoleum or tile because no matter what I do, some pee always ends up around and under the pad. I think part of it is my little buddy missing the pad, but I think some of it is also that it gets through the original box eventually.
I will continue to order this brand, and I will highly recommend it to my friends that own dogs.

Raquel said: Just buy it already!

The only thing you need for apartment and indoor potty training!
Don’t bother with the fake grass potty mats – they’re impossible to clean and your pup will just end up eating the grass.
The real grass is a life safer. If you can put it someplace sunny it will last longer, and occasionally watering it helps. The spots where the dog pees will eventually die, so you’ll have to replace it every so often, but it’s still worth it.
Within a week and a half of getting our puppy, she’s already potty trained. And on real grass in the fresh air on our condo patio!

RKR7 says:

RKR7 says: 5.0 out of 5 stars Puppy loves it

Breeder started potty training my pup outside on the grass. But with Wisconsin winters, that soon became impossible. And my puppy wanted nothing to do with pee pads. Aaugh!!?! Found these and decided to give it a try. Put down the box, and my pup immediately got in and did her business without even a cue. Yeah! I have a Maltese who is around 3 lbs, so one box lasts 6 – 8 weeks. Money well spent to save my carpeting during the winter. I will use again next winter.

I could go on and on about the satisfied customers – but you get the idea.

Fresh grass for dogs

What are you waiting for? I suggest you pet parents give it a try – your dog’s backyard in a box is just waiting for you to order it and it might be the perfect solution that you have been looking for. I know these real dog grass patches would have been the best choice for my mom.

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