7 Ways to Bond With Your Pet

7 Ways to Bond With Your Pet

What does the perfect relationship with your dog look like to you? Gazing into each other’s eyes and magically understanding what the other is thinking? Well, I can’t guarantee that, but if you are you looking to form a stronger bond with your dog? There are a number of things you can do to show your pet how much you care!

Most of these involve YOU and spending time with your furry friend. 

7 Ways to Bond With Your Dog

I don’t know why some people find this so hard to do – but ca appreciate the necessity as I am the only “dog person” in our family. I seem to “get” how to relate to dogs and have been watching two other humans get a little frustrated while trying.

God bless them – they are cat people. (Not that there is anything wrong with that…)

Here are 7 ways to bond with your pet:

Talk to your dog clearly

They pick up on words and cues the more time you interact with them. I just grab my car keys now and she knows, that if her harness isn’t on, she will be staying home. She goes right into her kennel.

Bond with your dog in Training sessions

This is a great bonding time for both of you and helps set the expectations of behavior. Most dogs are like toddlers – they want to please, but need to know the rules. When you reward them for getting something right, they adore you.

Add in the fact that you are giving them either praise or treats? You can’t help but get a little love back from your fur baby as you bond with your dog.

Take your dog for longer walks. 

This will especially help you bond with high-energy dog breeds, such as Golden Retrievers and Border Collies. Even dogs who spend their time sniffing the grass while they’re outdoors will appreciate you taking them out more often. As an added bonus, you will both stay fit together.

Now, don’t just pop your earbuds in and rock out while ignoring your dog. Use this time to talk to them, even if you feel kind of silly doing it. It WILL pay off!

Bond with your dog by playing with them

This may seem obvious, but life can get busy at times and you may not spend enough time playing with your dog. Spending some extra time throwing around a toy or playing tug of war with your pet will help you bond. Playing with your pet will make both of you feel good!

Spend time petting your pet. 

Dogs love being touched! Whether you pet your kitty or spend time rubbing your dog’s belly, they’ll love this extra time you spend with them. 

Now on a dog, there are GOOD places to pet them and ones that they do not really care for. Granted, this can vary a little from dog to dog, but we have a handy-dandy free printable chart of the Best Spots to Pet Your Dog to help remind you where Rover loves to be petted.

You can get your copy of it right here:

Grooming helps

Some animals also love to be brushed, which you might incorporate into your daily routine. Then comes nail trimming, and even baths. While my Aussie might not be a fan of the bath, she certainly enjoys getting toweled off afterward.

This is a learning curve for some of you – dogs and people alike. It can be almost sensory overload at first for the puppies – and then they gradually get used to it.

Then they love it, and you will smile watching them in heaven.

Check out this video on how to brush a puppy – you will have YEARS of this great way to bond with your dog:

While I am not a huge fan of Zak’s – this is a good video: How to Brush Your Puppy!

Feed them.

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, it is the express train for a dog. You have to know what your dog can and can’t safely eat. I will say that when I give Tazuna the crusts off my multigrain toast in the morning and hand-feed them to her? I get a gentle mouth removing it from my fingers and a look of adoration that you can only hope for.

468x60 Nutrition Plan

Don’t want to share too much people food with your dog or dread slipping something from your plate to them? Check out a few of the food-safe and dog-safe treat recipes we have shared with you:

If you like people recipes that are budget-friendly AND tasty check out our main site : Operation $40K

These are just 3 ways to bond with your pet! Spending a little extra time with your cat or dog will help you both get closer to one another.    

Check out these other great tips for dogs:

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