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Fun Summertime Activities to do With Your Dog

Fun Summertime Activities to do With Your Dog

Fun Summertime Activities to do With Your Dog? Summer is here: The fun of family barbeques, lazy days around a pool, or fishing at the river. The only things your dog experiences are the uncomfortable heat, nagging bugs, and not really wanting to spend a lot of time outdoors playing with your family. The heat will tire him out quickly, bugs bite him all over, and even having plenty of water to drink is not sufficient to make it enjoyable.

Fun Summertime Activities to do With Your Dog

How can we make summer fun for our dog? The summer has been given a bad reputation for dogs, and it doesn’t need to be that way. There are summer activities that you may not have considered before, but they will provide enjoyment for both you and your dog with just a few extra steps. Summer also offers some unique opportunities to do many things outside together that would normally be done on your own.

Things to do with your dog in the summer

Fido is probably still eager to go for a summer walk, but you don’t need to make him suffer through the summer heat.

Take that walk:

take your dog on an early morning walk

During the hot days of summer, be sure to take your dog out for his exercise very early in the morning. This will be far more enjoyable for both of you as the temperatures are still comfortable, and most of the bugs have yet to get moving.

Dogs also tend to have more energy in the morning after having slept all night. A nice hike, run, or just a game of fetch in the yard can be more enjoyable and effective. A tired dog will be less bored and less likely to experience anxiety while you are away from home. Make the early mornings special for both of you.

Ride in the car

Take your dog in an air-conditioned vehicle during summer. This will free him from being sweaty and hot outside, which can cause irritation on the skin and may also lead to dehydration.

Please keep in mind to never leave your dog in a hot car. The windows are cracked open, but it is still too hot inside the vehicle to leave your dog unattended. The temperatures just climb too fast, and he can quickly become dehydrated or even die. It takes less time than you think it might for the inside of a car to jump to over 100 degrees.

dog Ride in the car

Fido should travel with you in his own seat belt or harness without being on your lap for safety reasons. He must be able to sit up and be comfortable during this summer transportation method. We love these seatbelts for dogs – and they work with any car!

Easy summer activities for your dog: Take a dip

You can take your dog swimming during the summer months if he enjoys water and feels comfortable around people and other dogs swimming nearby. People often fear that their dogs may experience shock or even death from swimming. However, dogs will naturally learn to swim if they are introduced properly and given the opportunity to try it out. In fact, there are plenty of benefits your dog can gain from summer fun in the water:

  • Increased cardiovascular activity!
  • Healthy weight control – If you take him frequently during summer (surprisingly this is also a good summer exercise for humans!)
  • Stronger muscles and bones with extended exposure  (to strengthen fast-growing puppies who may be prone to a summer leg injury)

Water will not hurt your dog. If he loves water activities, then summer can be an enjoyable time for both of you.

Most dogs enjoy wading in the water on a hot day. Some enjoy total submersion. Not only is it loads of fun to watch a dog frolic in the water, but it also gives them great exercise and keeps them from dangerous overheating. Don’t expect to get much fishing done, though, as the dog’s antics will chase the fish away.

take your dog swimming

Instead, take part in the fun by playing fetch with a stick, tennis ball, or floating toy, such as Water Kong. If your dog is not great at fetching but loves to chase the item anyway, attach a nylon rope to the toy so that you can reel it in for another round of fetch without having to enter the water yourself to get the toy back. Some dogs will follow the toy as you reel it in, aiding in teaching the fetch game.

If you have more than one dog at home, introduce them gradually around each other as well as the other summer water enthusiasts. Swimming can be fun for dogs, but it is still a social activity and should be supervised to ensure safety.

Get a Dog Pool

You don’t have to drive to a river or lake to have fun. Purchase a kiddie pool, place it in a shady spot and fill it with water. As some dogs can be intimidated with going to new places or the sudden discovery of depth at a lake, the kiddie pool offers them a comfort level being that it is located in a familiar place and does not harbor any surprises.

You can add some fun to the activity by placing ice cubes in the pool, throwing in some floating toys, and going in with your dog, splashing about. It’s a great means of getting the children involved. Everyone has fun and is refreshed by the cool water.

Get a Dog Pool

Dog Water Safety Reminder

Do not leave your dog alone near a pool, river, lake, or ocean. Not for just a minute, not for even 30 seconds. A second’s distraction is enough to create problems. – Never throw a ball or other toy in the direction of your dog. Throw it away from him instead so that he will learn what you want him to do when you call his name during playtime (come).

Always use proper precautions when getting into the water yourself such as wearing a life jacket or swim belt, and always supervise your dog when he gets in the water so that you can rescue him should an emergency occur.

Make Frozen Treats

Should you have no choice but to leave your dog for long periods due to work or family activity in which he cannot participate, give him, something to do that will both occupy his time and prove rewarding.

Take a 2-quart dish of either plastic or stainless steel. Coat the dish with vegetable oil. Pour water into the dish so that it is half-filled. Place some dog treats in the water, along with a couple of solid rubber dog toys. Freeze this concoction and give it to your dog just before you leave. Not only will he have fun licking at the ice, but he will do so with fervor as it contains yummy treats and fun toys along the way.

Of course, you could make one of the frozen treat recipes of ours to spoil them with too!

Everyone Loves a Parade

July 4 is not just about fireworks. It is a time when families come together and celebrate. There is no reason why your dog cannot be counted in on the fun. Many cities and towns have parades on July 4, leading to a picnic on the common and the fireworks after dark.

Dogs love prancing in parades, and onlookers love to watch them, especially if they are dressed up in Red, White, and Blue. Show your support for your local community and your country by dressing up your canine pal in the national colors and displaying your pride to be an American. Your dog will enjoy not only the exercise of the parade route but also all the attention he receives along the way. You will both be sad when it’s over.

Everyone Loves a Parade

Go on a Picnic

But then, there’s the family picnics! Time to fill up on hotdogs, hamburgers, and chips. Hot dogs and hamburgers are great doggy treats. (Stay clear of the chips, though.) Break them into small portions and teach your dog some new tricks in order to earn them. Or, if your dog already knows some tricks, entertain the family by having your dog perform.

By the time night falls, your canine friend will be bushed. He will gladly go to his bed and rest while you are out enjoying the nighttime entertainment. Happy Birthday, America!

Go camping with your dog

Camping is a summer pastime. It offers the pleasures of fresh air, beautiful views, and summertime activities with family and friends.  Most dogs enjoy camping as long as they have their human companions along for the ride. They even help by transporting foodstuffs back to camp or doing some exploring on their own when you are not keeping an eye on them.

The great outdoors is not only a place to enjoy nature but also a place to learn new things about yourself and your dog. What can you teach him? Can he do it? Will he be obedient and follow directions when asked? For example, will he stay close by your side when hiking in the woods or does he prefer off-leash freedom? Is he a natural swimmer or will he need some extra help and training?

Camping offers an excellent opportunity to train your dog. When camping, you can practice tasks that you might not be able to perform at home. For example, if there are obstacles in your backyard such as low trees or bushes, they may hinder the proper execution of certain commands.

While camping, however, you can easily find space so that Fido can successfully obey his commands for heel and sit (or whatever command it is you’ve decided upon). With success comes increased confidence levels which usually leads to even better performance during future practices back at home.

take your dog camping

Summer is a fun time for dogs. There are many summer activities that your dog can enjoy and be rewarded along the way. They include but are not in any way limited to: summer swimming, summer picnics, July 4 parades, camping trips, and frozen treats!

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