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Travel With Your Dog: How to Take Your Pup on Summer Vacation

Travel With Your Dog: How to Take Your Pup on Summer Vacation

This summer, travel with your dog! It is a great time to get out and explore the world while spending some quality time with your best friend. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, there are many travel tips for taking your pup on vacation that will make it easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Let’s take a look at them below.

Travel With Your Dog: How to Take Your Pup on Summer Vacation

More and more travelers are bringing their four-legged family members along these days. And more resorts and hotels are welcoming dogs with special amenities just for them.

How to Take Your Pup on Vacation

With travel being off-limits for a long time – places are practically begging for your visit. The upside of these statistics is that hotels and resorts want your business. And one great way to capture those travelers within driving distance is by inviting them to bring their dog along for the trip.

Many properties are opening their doors to pets and the people who love them. What these weekend vacationers need to keep in mind are some safety tips to make sure their dog is comfortable while traveling. We love these Best Dog Friendly Places In Door County and also these Dog Friendly Vacations in the Midwest!

Let’s look at what you should consider before hitting the road.

First of all – make sure that your pup has all their vaccinations before heading out on vacation so that we avoid any problems along the way. Also check what kind of travel accessories such as carriers, bowls, and leashes will work best for them when staying at hotels with limited space. Your four-legged friend might appreciate some treats while traveling too!

To save yourself from having to worry about carrying around heavy bags (and hurting your back), consider checking out the travel essentials including a travel-sized pet bed if your pooch is used to one.

If your dog sleeps in its kennel? Most hotel rooms have a desk and chair set. Just remove the chair and the desk will act like a kennel.

Travel with your Dog this Summer by Car

If you are traveling by car, travel with your dog is much easier. Just make sure to bring plenty of water and food for them as well – it can be tiring for both of you if they have to wait too long in the heat.

Buckle Up in the Car

For every hour you travel take a 20-minute break from driving if possible so that everyone involved has ample opportunity to stretch their legs while remaining vigilant for any signs of exhaustion or dehydration. Watch closely for increased panting; paw licking; head hanging low instead of holding up high; difficulty standing up; or any changes in the way your dog responds to you.

Protect Your Dog From Heatstroke

When the summer heat is at its worst, it’s important to take care of your furry friends. The Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket helps keep dogs cool during those hot days by reducing their coat temperature by 40%. It has a breathable outer layer that provides shade and reflective lining for safety; while an inner cotton mesh material will provide evaporative cooling when dampened with water or other fluids.

Dog lovers around the country are excited about this new breathable lightweight coolifying coat designed with both hardworking rescue animals as well as regular pups in mind. It comes in 9 sizes ranging from Yorkies all up to Great Danes, making it easy to find just-right fit for your pup.

Buckle Up in the Car

The people at provide products and services to thousands of pet owners who care for elderly, disabled pets with special needs. They promote seat belts for dogs so not only the animal but drivers and passengers in a vehicle are protected as well from unrestrained pets causing serious harm during or after an accident.

Personally, we like this seatbelt – it clips into your dog’s harness on one side and clicks right into the seatbelt of your car on the other. It comes in a set of 2 so you can leave it inside each of the family cars and never be without.

How do you travel with your dog on a plane?

Medication for flying dogs

It is also important to know which airlines allow dogs in the cabin, as well as what items are not allowed onboard or count towards the airline limit of animals per flight. Know when these rules change depending on where you’re flying into/out of or if they have different policies for service animals vs emotional support pets vs regular pet traveling companions.

This can vary by airline. It is frustrating.

Summer air travel is expected to drop this year due to the struggling economy and scheduling cuts that continue to keep travelers close to home. Even with airlines offering special deals, and airports pulling out all the stops to get people flying the friendly skies, predictions are not pretty for air travel.

Add in the simple fact that they are short-staffed? Planes are full because they are overcompensating for the common cancellations.

If you have to put your dog in a crate for cargo? Just. No. It isn’t always pressurized, there might not be any temperature control, and it’s not like they are treated to a nice travel bed.

Even Captain Joe is against it – and explains is all VERY well.

Cargo is meant for cargo, not animals, and it is screaming loud which is why everyone has earplugs who works in it or steps into it.

What if the plane gets delayed on the runway? The summer means a beyond hot and dangerous situation for them. Some airlines won’t even fly pets during the summer months.

Medication for flying dogs

I know some people talk about getting anxiety meds for your dog from the veterinarian, but please. Just. No.

If your airline lets you bring your dog aboard, usually it has to be in a carrier. If you’re traveling by plane, make sure that your carrier is approved for travel as well as meeting all TSA guidelines and has plenty of room for them to be comfortable during their flight. If not, try packing some special treats or toys to help keep them entertained on board (but don’t feed new food items before travel).

Keep them safe

Travel With Your Dog

The most important thing to remember when traveling with your pet is never to leave them alone in a hotel room. If you plan on leaving your pet alone, bring a crate along to confine your dog. Under no circumstances is it wise (or legal) to leave a pet in a hot car. Anything over 78F is considered hot!

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