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Best Eco Friendly Gifts For Pet Owners

Best Eco Friendly Gifts For Pet Owners

It seems like these days everyone is trying to live “greener”, from recycling to buying organic to watching how much they consume. Pet owners are no different, as the emergence of several “green” pet supply retailers would suggest.

Best Eco Friendly Gifts For Pet Owners

From organic pet food and treats to leashes, toys, bedding, and pet clothing that’s made from recycled materials, it’s never been easier to be a responsible pet owner while remaining environmentally conscious. So, when you are looking for pets and pet owners on your Christmas list this year, consider selecting some of the more earth-friendly items out there and feel the satisfaction of giving a great gift while saving and helping save the planet.

If you are a responsible, loving pet owner you want the best for your pet. If you are environmentally friendly, you have made the switch to organic products. Did you know that pet care can now be eco-friendly too?

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Next time you are gift shopping for your pet, or your friend’s pets, you might want to look into something that is not only good for your pet but also kind to Mother Earth.


Many toys are not particularly good for the earth – they’re processed with chemicals and when thrown away create a hazard or just sit in landfills because they are not easily recycled or broken down. A nice gift for pet owners might be an eco-friendly toy, such as a toy made from wood and not plastic. There are specific animal toys that are specially marketed as friendly to the earth, which you can find online and at select pet stores.

You already know that plastic is not particularly good for the environment and the chemicals used on those toys can be harmful to your pet. An alternative is wood, natural fabric, or straw. One such manufacturer is Kong, whose pet toys are made in China, but designed and tested in the USA.

Best Eco Friendly Gifts For Pet Owners


Animals and their homes need to be constantly cleaned, both to make it sanitary for the animal and to avoid smells. Many cleaners have harsh chemicals, which can be irritating to pets and humans alike, and are not good for our environment.

A good gift for a pet owner might be a selection of eco-friendly cleaners. They make a wide variety of cleaners that are made from natural ingredients, don’t pollute the earth, and are safe for living things. You can give them a variety of different cleaners but be sure to inform them that you are trying to help by getting them such a practical gift and that you do not think their house is unclean.

You want to keep your house smelling fresh and clean, but you also want your pet to be safe. Regular cleaners are harmful to you, to your pet, and to the environment. Fortunately, natural cleaners are becoming more and more popular and are ideal for litter boxes and bird cages.

In case you want to introduce these cleaners to your friends, this will require some diplomacy though, you do not want to give the impression that your friend’s house smells. Green Works is eco-friendly and has a very fresh scent.

Best Eco Friendly Gifts For Pet Owners


Just as organic food is healthier for people, it is for pets. Petsmart, to name but one store, carries a variety of canned and dried foods for cats and dogs. There’s Nature’s Recipe, Nature’s Best, Pro Plan, Nutro Ultra, and many others. All offer everyday organic food, as well as catering to pets who need weight management and indoor pets.

Organic foods free of chemicals, preservatives, and artificial coloring are better for people and the same is true for pets. There are several pet food companies that provide food for both dogs and cats derived from all-natural, organic ingredients.

Advocates of feeding organic pet food say that an all-natural, organic diet helps to reduce allergies and digestive disorders, increase energy, and directly contribute to better overall health and longer life spans in pets. Give the pet in your life a bag of organic kibble or a box of all-natural treats this holiday and help put them on the track to better health.

Best Eco Friendly Gifts For Pet Owners

We have a variety of Veternairain-approved recipes for treats that you could make and package in a cute way:


When it comes to the Pet’s litter box you have options too. You may think it a little weird to give litter as a gift, but if you are going to introduce organic pet toys and organic pet food, you might as well go all the way and throw in a bag of litter too.

Feline Pine by Nature’s Earth Products is dust free with a fresh pine scent, while Yesterday’s News from Purina is made from recycled newspapers. Not only nature friendly, but soft on the paws.

Animal health and hygiene products

There are various organic hygiene products that are good for both the environment and the animals. Products include shampoos such as Aubrey Organics – Organimals Shampoo For Dogs, 7.5 fl. oz liquid. A selection of these products in a gift basket might make a good eco-friendly gift for your pet owner. You could always make our Oatmeal Dog Shampoo Recipe too.


Some pets live in areas where the weather makes it necessary for them to wear apparel when venturing outdoors. Several earth-friendly pet suppliers have come out with lines of doggy coats, sweaters, and boots made from recycled products or from natural materials such as hemp or organic cotton. Give your favorite canine some of these stylish duds this Christmas and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Best Eco Friendly Gifts For Pet Owners

Don’t keep it under wraps

Of course, to make sure the entire gift-giving process stays environmentally conscious, take care to present the gift with as little packaging and wrap as possible. If possible, give the gifts in a basket, bowl, or another container that can be reused. Most pets, unlike people, won’t get any added enjoyment from “opening” a present, anyway.

When it comes to Christmas, everybody loves getting fun gifts, and pets are no different. Thanks to many earth-friendly pet products, now your pets can enjoy having fun, durable toys and you can enjoy knowing that you’re doing your part for the environment.

Final Thoughts

There is obviously a wide variety of earth-friendly pet products out there. This means that, with a little research and thought, o there’s no reason why pets and pet lovers alike on your list can’t be dreaming of a “green” Christmas this year.

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